President’s Message


Dear Distinguished Members of the Business World and Esteemeed Statesmen:

21st Century inevitably forces us to be experts in our business fields while structuring our companies in a way to cooperate for better results. Certainly, we are a nation who knows very well the value of the cooperation system which comes from our traditional culture, also aware of the fact those who come from similar business backgrounds work together more effectively and successfully.

In addition, the American and Turkish relations that started during the final years of the Ottoman Empire and progressed rapidly in the 1950s have always been supported by the NGOs. However, it is not possible to name an American Turkish NGO that meets today’s business needs in both countries and works to develop the concepts of entrepreneurship, investment and innovation which play a significant role in shaping the future.

On March 3rd 2016, American Turkish Business Development Council has started its journey as an NGO with 60 friends based on these needs in mind and takes on the mission to design the future together by investing in ideas, humans and businesses. Therefore, we carefully put an emphasis on having equal number of American and Turkish founding members. We will continue to apply this rule as we gain more members in time.

With the awareness of ATBD Council’s unique value proposition and difference, we also established Committies that will serve the Business world in both countries and conduce to have valuable and prominent activities, meetings to exchange information and experience among members.

As an organization that was built by distinguished member companies and business people within the 21st century’s fast changing world, American Turkish Business Development Council is in your service with an unprecedented dynamism and commitment!

Congratulations to all!

Ugur Terzioglu
Founding President
ATBD Council