What makes us different?

What makes us different?

ATBD Council, by having very experienced business people within the Board and professional Executive Management, knows exactly what the interests and needs of both American & Turkish business and business people are.

We are not only an activity based NGO, but as well, we offer tailor-made solutions to any investor or corporation through our Consultant Panel.

By our culture sensitivity and focus of future, we value each and every idea that can develop us together! Therefore, we strongly promote effective networking.

We are supporting solution orientation, and with our experienced facilitators, we can offer productive negotiation environments for interest-based & win-win partnerships.

If there may occur any conflicts, we can offer high quality ADR services through our facilitators, mediators and arbitrators.

ATBD Council is very unique NGO, in a sense that, from the beginning to an end, at whichever state a business person or a corporation may need assistance, either in USA or in Turkey, we can assist.